Factory Support Project

On the other hand shall also help farmers to maximise their works to improve their livelihood on increasing cultivation of other farm products like foodstuffs (cassava, plantain, ingredients etc) which help farmers on cocoa growing projects that shall be purchase by GNACOFA Co-operative credit union as a raw material to feed the factory projects in addition to the cocoa hush for potash.Other Farm products like Cassava to be used for Tapioca (Konkonte powder), chalk etc., Cassava and Yam for Tuozafe powder (TZ), Yam, Cocoyam, Plantain Potatoe etc. for fufu powder. Ingredients like pepper for pepper powder, okro for okro powder (kyerekaase), werewere and groundnut polythene as preservation for soup and stew,

Farmers Livelihood Improvement Program

Social intervention programs, Farmers support activities and Sustainable agricultural programs aimed at improving the living standard of Ghanaian Cocoa farmers and rural dwellers. These include provision of credit facilities, Agro inputs credit, extension services training advocacy. In order to achieve its objectives, GNACOFA plans to link with Governmental Organisations, Private Companies, and Donor Agencies to effectively implement its programs. GNACOFA shall collaborate with manufacturers and main suppliers of Agro inputs to Cocoa farmers at fair rates if possible highly subsidised rates to enable them have easy access to CRIG Approved agro inputs.

Having observed inability of some farmers to purchase quality agro inputs, GNACOFA has developed an agric business model that works for small holder cocoa farmers in the cocoa producing communities. In this model, farmers may be required to form groups of about 5 to 50 farmers, get registered and pay about 50% of the cost of the input and repay the outstanding 50% in the major cocoa season with 3 bullet instalment from October to December. The group will be required to sign a group guarantee making them jointly and severally liable for the call-standing debt. Those with the capacity to pay for full cost of the input will be encouraged to do so and shall be given incentives. The role of GNACOFA agro inputs scheme is to supply COCOBOD/CRIG approved agro inputs such as fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide etc.

Farmers Housing Scheme

We plan to establish sustainable housing scheme for our members and general cocoa farmers in Ghana to be paid on credit basis. members will be allowed to make daily payment between $1 and $5 or monthly payment depending on their capacity to repay. Special arrangement could also be made to all farmers to make greater payment in major cocoa season between October to December.

Cocoa Farmers' Co-operative Credit Union

We plan to advance credit to at least 100,000 cocoa farmers who are members of GNACOFA through GNACOFA Credit Union. The loan will be both cash credit and inputs credit. The table below shows projections for disbursement over the next 5 years both in client numbers and loan value.