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GNACOFA seeks an investment amount of money to implement Agro Chemical Input, sustainable Housing Scheme program, advance Soft Loans (Credit Union) to its * members, establish Factories Projects in the cocoa growing communities some years and also embark upon a Mobile Health Screening program as motivation for cocoa farmers in the cocoa growing communities.


The Association has been incorporated and * registered with the Register General Department as NGO. GNACOFA has obtained Co-operative Credit Union operational license for its Ghana National Cocoa Farmers' Co-operative Credit Union Limited. Ghana National Cocoa Farmers Association (GNACOFA) was formed to serve as the voice of the ordinary small holder cocoa farmer in Ghana. The Association was also formed to bring together all cocoa farmers in the country as

a common front to champion a common goal to protect their interest towards positive growth and development.


Cocoa farmers are confronted with a lot of challenges such as lack of access to credit facilities, housing facilities and quality agro inputs to maintain and expand their farms etc. Thus, many cocoa farmers borrow from private money lenders at very high interestrate of about 100% which is very difficult to repay. They also purchase unapproved and substandard agro chemicals from illegal dealers which are poisonous and have negative effects on the cocoa plant. This is because government interventions are inadequate to all their farms.


Another issue of concern, is lack of affordable housing for cocoa farmers. In Ghana, there is no affordable housing scheme in Ghana that supports the ordinary small holder cocoa farmer. Thus, most cocoa farmers retire from active farming and do not have good place to lay their heads. Others have to borrow at high interest rate before they could put up decent place for themselves. Due to the seasonal nature of cocoa farming in Ghana, cocoa farmers do not have stable cash ow throughout the year. They have low income during the lean season and high income in the major season.


Current average cocoa yield is estimated around 0.3 tonnes/ha as against the potential yield of 1.0 to 1.5 tonnes/ha.

Thus, cocoa farmers usually do not have the nancial muscle to pay for labour, purchase all the agro inputs they need for their farms, and build decent accommodation for themselves. This is why GNACOFA was formed to be the voice of cocoa farmers, champion their interest and embark on sustainable programs that will bring improvement in the lives of cocoa farmers in Ghana.


Our mission is to bring together all cocoa farmers in Ghana and provide a platform for farmers to voice out our concerns and initiate development oriented activities to improve their livelihood.



Our vision is to become the preferred Association for all cocoa farmers in Ghana and the preferred partner in all issues that affects the growth and development of cocoa farmers.



The aims and objectives of GNACOFA include but not limited to the following:-

  • To foster unity and friendship

    among members of the Association.

  • To seek the welfare of its members

  • To promote the growth of cocoa production and advance development in cocoa in cocoa growing communities.

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